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NB white house honey ale kit

So i made the white house honey ale kit and ran into one minor issue. I poured the LME in way too fast and scorched alot of it. had tons of charred pieces floating in the boiling wort. Finished the kit according to directions and it had a ton of trub in the kettle. its fermenting fine, smells great and its in secondary now. The question is, the color is alot darker than i would have expected should i be worried or just forge ahead

Firstly, you should always remove the kettle from the heat before adding your extract, then stir it in and dissolve it thoroughly before putting it back on the heat in order to avoid what you just experienced. Secondly, since you’ve already made it as far as you have, I would continue the process and see how it turns out. On the subject of wort color, extract recipes are often darker than their all grain counterparts, though it sounds like your wort is further darkened by the carmelization and possible scorching you encountered.

Im no expert, but I had a similar issue with my first ever batch and it turned out fine. It was an Irish Red kit and like you, I poured it in way too fast and ended up with a few floating pieces and some burnt on left over on the kettle. The batch turned out fine and I learned from the mistake. Hope yours turns out great.

It will more than likely be darker than expected, and maybe a little lower in SG. other than that it should still turn out as beer.

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