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NB Tripel Extract Kit

So over two months ago, I made this kit. It was only my fourth kit, and I think my procedure for brewing it was pretty solid. Or so I thought.
Here’s a picture of it:

A little darker than it should be, to say the least. Doesn’t taste much like a tripel either, though it’s actually quite tasty for how young it is. The WY3787 has some pretty nice flavor.

But anyway, how could the color be this far off? All of my extract kits have been a little darker than they should be, and that is just a part of extract brewing. But this is just bizarre. I accidentally made a Belgian strong dark!

Did you follow a “late extract addition” process to help with keeping the color lighter?

The photo also seems to be showing red. Probably from the red from the paper on the desk. Is there anything else is in the area that might darken it?

Lol, are you sure you bought the triple and not the dubble? We have the triple on tap right now and it is super light, almost straw colored, absolutely nothing like that.

How do you add your extract? Do you take it off the burner and stir vigorously to make sure that you don’t scorch it? Adding late can help too.

I followed the instructions and did the late extract addition. I stirred, but maybe not well enough. I guess I really need to stir a lot and do what I can to keep the beer lighter for all future extract batches.

Also, that was very good lighting I took the picture in. The color in the picture came out lighter than in real life if anything.

Stirring is not going to make the beer lighter, unless you actually had scorching on the bottom making the beer that dark.

Preventing scorching is exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned stirring.

You’d be able to tell if you scorched the malt, resulting in a darker brew. My bro-in-law did the extract tripel and his came out the same color. Could it be yeast? How’s the clarity? Did you part out the kit before you started? Maybe they added an extra quarter lb of some dark crystal for steeping…?

How does it taste? Is it “rummy” or “raisin-y”? It looks like a dubbel to me!

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