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NB stir plate cost me $130.00!

OK so it sells for $79.99, First I got the bright idea to make my own stirplate. I purchased the materials, was attacked by rare earth magnets, superglued two fingers together, blew up a slider dimmer switch, and still couldn’t get stir bar to work. Into the garbage it went. Went to NB, and got the second to last stir plate,dropped in the stir bar, slowly increased the power and away it went. As soon as I get my fingers apart I’ll be doing batch #25 for 2011.

Primary: English Pale
Conditioning:Nut Brown Ale
Kegged: Rye Stout
Tapped: AK 47 Pale Mild
Tapped: Speckled Heifer
Bottled: Winter Warmer, Smashing Pumpkin.

You should have been able to build one for cheaper than $50. I’m pretty “detail oriented” and might have $15 invested in each of mine.

Dear BB, No mechanical ability what so ever. I like to tinker and I like to try,but when sparks start flying I kind of back off. I’m also the same guy who used my teeth to strip the wire on my garage door opener with it plugged in " Really Therry (Sherry) my fathe ith numb".

…and some people should be removed from the gene pool :lol:

I heartily recommend one of these:

The guy is super fast on e-mail, and quick to ship. Two buddies and I bought them at the same time, to get the even lower price ($100 for 3 instead of 1 for $42), and all three of us have been very happy with them.

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