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NB Slant Tubes

Anyone bought the slant/test tubes from NB? What kind of lining is in the cap?
I use slant tubes for my frozen yeast bank, but I’ve purchased some in the past for almost $2 per tube cheaper than NB’s price. Plus, the ones sold @ NB are only 20ml instead of the 25ml I’m used to. Even the ones that Midwest is selling are only $1.09 each. :? What am I missing?

Most of the science lab suppliers I’ve looked at have averaged $1 a tube, shipped, give or take. This may just be one of the items that NB doesn’t move in sufficient volumes to justify razor-thin margins.

Yep, I placed an order for 25 of them elsewhere. Only cost me $27.50 instead of the $75 it would have cost me here. No hard feelings NB, you’ll still get plenty of my business. :wink: ... 150mm-72pk

Cynmar is where I got mine, too, but I went for the shorter culture tubes:

They’re cheaper, have flat bottoms, and can be purchased in smaller quantities.

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