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NB Sale on AG Kits

Its a buy two get one free sale, 48hrs as of yesterday. Enter gowiththegrain in the discount code box.

Pretty good deal if you are wanting some kits.

just walked in to the store and got the same deal. $60 for three 5 gallon batches tax included. :cheers:

Saw the deal on Facebook and didn’t notice that the 48 hour special started on Thursday.
Ordered online today(Sunday). Even though the code didn’t work, they gave me the discount.
Thanks NB!
Now I’ve got my Fall lineup coming, and one was free! I’m stoked.

I was just in the St Paul store Friday, after reading online only in the email…I didn’t think to ask. Damn!

I was going to order 3 kits until I picked 3 and then looked at the recipes and realized that I already had all the ingredients for each kit sitting in my basement. Sadly, I need to use up what I have to keep stuff fresher rather than ordering kits and delaying the process.

Was a good deal though and it is rare the make all grain offers

I was thinking the same thing. I would like to see them offer more equipment sales rather than kits though.

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