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NB Rye IPA - Dry Hopped too long?

The recipie calls for dry hopping with 1/2 oz. Palisade, 5 days before bottling.

I added the 1/2 oz. three weeks ago and haven’t bottled yet.

Brewed it on 3/24, moved to secondary on 4/7, dry hopped on 4/25.

Any thoughts on what this will do to the beer, if much at all?

Thanks all

It will be fine. I regularly dry hop for 2 weeks and have even started dry hopping right in the keg when they stay for the duration. Others on this forum advocate the same. To me 7 days would be the minimum that I would dry hop a beer. But you’d be fine with 3 weeks. Won’t cause any problems.

Super. Thanks. I figured it was no big deal, but nice to get a nod from another.

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