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NB recipe OG vs iBrewmaster OG

The velvet rooster recipe from NB (extract) OG is at 1.080 and when I put the exact recipe into iBrewmaster the anticipated OG comes out at 1.068. That is a pretty big difference. Any ideas why?

The only variables in calculating the OG of an extract recipe are the extract weight, batch volume, and potential extract of the extract. To get a different answer at least one of those three has to be different.

Did you check batch size? NB’s are set at 5gal. Is ibrewmaster defaulted to a larger size, maybe 6 gal?

The boil size is set to 5.57 gallons in iBrewmaster but changing that to 5 doesn’t bring it up to 80. Idk. I can’t tell what it is everything looks the same to me.

Sounds like you’re either missing the sugar or assuming the wrong efficiency. All the recipes are calculated at 70% efficiency.

Any one have iBrewmaster to try this on?

For extract, efficiency is always 100%.

For extract, efficiency is always 100%.[/quote]

Oh whoops, I didn’t see the extract part.

Maybe iBrewmasters efficiency is set lower than %100? And if you bought the kit from NB then that recipe might already be in the program’s recipe collection (or it might be for purchase in one of the upgrades). If you input it yourself then I would check the efficiency your phone is set to.

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