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NB Polar Ware 10.5 Gal Kettle w/valve

Has anyone had any experience with this kettle? Seems like a great deal for such a large SS pot with a valve included. ... valve.html

Not so much, is what I say. Horrible price for what your getting.

Here is just one example of many out there. ... y_9_Gallon

They are out for a little over a month but it is still worth the wait unless you find another that compares.

Not endorsing this site in anyway and have no experience with his products, but if you are looking @ getting into an inexpensive large economy pot, this place might be worth checking out. If you shoot him a message he will e-mail you lots of info.

I would love that one from but like you said, they’re out of stock for who knows how long. That’s certainly an awesome deal.

i went to spike’s website to look at the pots. they are listed as 6mm thick. is this an adequate pot…or is it a lightweight??

Whelp, just scored a Winco 40 qt Stainless Steel kettle from Amazon for $119. Very happy with the purchase. If/when I feel the need, I can drill the hole and slap a ball valve on there myself.

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