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NB orange Blossom Honey

Has anyone used the Orange Blossom from NB? I am wondering on how their quality is before purchasing it for mead. Or if someone knows a good quality source to get some.



I brewed a batch of mead Feb 13, 2011 and it tastes quite good already. This is only the 2nd mead I’ve ever tasted though, and both I brewed so I don’t really know how it compares to “real” mead. For my first batch I used 100% natural, unfiltered honey from a bee dude who has a business renting the bees out for pollination. That batch had a lot of funky tastes as it conditioned whereas the NB orange blossom batch didn’t have that. Every time I’ve tasted it, it was clean, light, and had hints of: I say orange, the wife says citrus.

It’s also the best honey I’ve ever tasted, but again I’ve only had the grocery store honey until about 2 years ago when I got that unfiltered honey. Besides that, I’ve only had NB’s orange blossom, wildflower, and their light-amber honey blend.

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