NB milk chocolate smells a slight cidery

So i brew the NB milk chocoalte extract kit, left in the fermenter for 11 days then switched to a secondary fermentor. At which time i took a reading and it smelled a bit like a cidery smell just slightly.

Also when i switched to the 2nd fermenter i added a couple of tablespoons of vanilla.

how can i fix this? is this going to be a problem? will the smell die away if i leave it in the fermenter for 3 weeks or longer. Ths was only my second attempt at brewing th first was caribou extract kit and that went well.


I just kegged up a RIS Lite (partigyle of RIStake) that smelled like apples. A lot of the smells associated with fermentation will disappear given enough time. As long as fermentation temperature was where it should be, don’t worry too much about the smells coming from the fermenter.