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NB Mild Ale w/1728-Thoughts?

Gonna brew up the NB Mild Ale kit soon and even though I love the Yorkshire Ale yeast I just used in my Innkeeper batch, I had some 1728 Scottish Ale yeast I thought might go great. It has a nice silky-ness to it.
Also, the Mild Ale has an OG of 1.032 which I guess would make it around 3%abv. What might help me bump it up closer to 4% withought changing the flavor?

I think 1728 would be just fine for a mild, though I’ve used the yeast only a couple of times. I’d recommend fermenting a bit cooler than you would ferment with a british yeast. As for bumping up the gravity, I’d use plain ole table sugar.


I have a ton of corn sugar. 1/2 lb. would do it?

Another option is to make a smaller batch of beer if you’d rather not use sugar. Five gallons of 1032 Mild should make something like four gallons of 1040 Mild. I use Scottish Ale yeast all the time in winter; the house isn’t warm enough for most English yeasts. Works great!

Smaller batch?! I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that. :slight_smile:
The sugar idea seems easy enough. Any other thoughts on how much and would table sugar be different amount than corn?

Adding sugar sounds like a poor idea. Such a low OG mild is going to be quite thin right from the start, adding sugar is only going to thin it out more. I would increase the fermentables and hops by 25% to increase the OG to 1.040, while still keeping the flavor profile and bitterness ratio intact.

Will you be making the Extract or All Grain version?

All-grain. The grain bill is pretty similar to the Innkeeper, but no sugar and only 1 hop instead of 3, and Maris Otter (main grain) instead of 2 row. So I’ve picked this kit because I haven’t really used the Maris Otter and this continues to help me learn the ‘nuts & bolts’ of the processes. I guess basically you’re saying to add more grain then vs. sugar.
Anyone else have a comment/advice?

Yep more grain and hops, you want to keep everything balance, here is the modified recipe
OG 1.040

7.5 Lbs. Crisp Maris Otter
5.0 oz. Crisp Amber Malt
5.0 oz. Crisp Brown Malt
2.5 oz. Simpson’s Chocolate Malt

1.25 oz. Fuggles @ 60 minutes

Mash @ 153F for 60 minutes

I’ll concede that using sugar to go from 1.032 to 1.040 is a bit much, but using sugar in a mild is not a terrible thing.

From BYO:


Well, as it turned out, I brewed last Sat. Didn’t use any sugar after all. I added 1/3 lb. of some 2 row I had. After all said and done my OG came out to 1.038 Just fine by me. Took the suggestion of fermenting in cooler conditions. I have it in the coldest room of the house with the registers closed off. (Beer is around 63) That’s the best I can do. Into the 4th day and the yeast foam on top has all but fallin already. Never had it fall so fast. What should I be looking for on my FG? 1.011?

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