NB Medusa ale kit input anyone?

hi just brewd my Medusa ale from Northern Brewer today just wanted to know what everyone else has to say about how this beer progreeses through the weeks to come and find out how the final product turns out for them hope you all can keep posting on this threat!!

No responses yet so I moved this to the General forum and left a “shadow” in extract and partial mash. This should give it more views even though it was in the correct place.

Transferred this brew to secondary (racking gravity 1.012) a few days ago, not too bad for a kit beer, has a good hop bite with the aroma of tropical fruit/dried fruit with a hint of piney flavor, kind of interesting for a small beer. crash cooled @40F not sure if I will bottle of keg? I do like kegging but it seams like to me that if I bottle I get a little better final product if I can wait, however it is hard to keep my kegs filled if I skip a batch for bottling, nothing beats Kegging time wise…

just ordered my kit today