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NB malt source

Does anybody who has ordered malt from our host know the source of their generic German malts? I’d like to get some munich and vienna malts here, but unfortunately NB only has the generics. When a retailer doesn’t list the maltster and just says “German Vienna” or “English Crystal” I am always wary, as I have found it is usually just Briess or some other North American malt.

I looked at the German Munich here, and they list the color as 15.5L, which is quite a bit darker than any light German munich malt I’m aware of (usually closer to 8L), which leads me to believe it’s not really of German origin.

Anybody know?

Don’t know about who the maltster is, but 15.5L is the dark Munich. Their regular Munich is 8.3L.

So it is, good catch. I must have clicked on the wrong link. Well, that gives me some hope that their German munich is actually from a German maltster.

You could try calling the store. :roll:

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