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NB kit suggestion for Odell's 5 barrel pale ale

I had this beer on a nitro tap last night and loved it. Here’s the link to a description of the beer from Odell’s:

Does anyone have a recommendation for a NB extract kit that is close to this (preferred) or a clone recipe (I’ve not ventured from kits yet)??

Thanks! ... dal-clones

You can try to compare this recipe with the NB kits to see if something is close.

Another person’s idea. ... -ale-clone

That’s a tasty beer. You’re damn lucky to get it on nitro! I love Odell’s Cutthroat porter. I’d love to have a clone of that, and I’ll bet it’d be great on nitro!

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check these out.

For anyone who lives in the Twin Cities, The Republic in Uptown currently has the 5 Barrel Pale Ae on nitro as well as a couple other good beers on nitro. They usually have 2-3 nitro taps on any given day.

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