NB Irish Red Ale

Just finished brewing my 2nd batch of this. Had some friends over to try the first batch. Everyone (including the Ladies) RAVED over it. The spicy hop flavor was especially nice. My question is this: What can I do to increase the hop flavor and aroma even more without adding more bitterness? This was an extract kit BTW. I have no hopping experience other than additions to the boil. Thanks

You can up the amount of hops or number of additions during the last 20min of the boil or dry hop. The later in the boil you add the hops the less bitterness you get and more flavor/aroma. Dry hopping will also add a lot of flavor/aroma.

I find that the dryhop gives a lot of aroma and the perception of flavor because you are exciting the olfactory. 20 minutes is a good place to start with additions that won’t add bitterness.