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NB Irish Red Ale extract kit

I just sampled a NB Red Irish Ale after only a week in the bottle and it was pretty damn good even this young. I forgot to record the OG; what would be the typical ABV for this beer?


Mine nailed the O.G on the head 1.044 and finished at 1.010 which is 4.4% i think Im not at home to confirm it.

Just finished bottling my first batch today which was the Irish Red. Started at 1.041 and finished at 1.008. Went 2 and 2 and was at 1.008 when it went into the 2nd. I would assume an extra 2 weeks in the 2nd did not hurt it…now for another 2 weeks finishin and hopefully time to enjoy some good red!!!

It was 4.46%

Finished at 4.9 abv%. I was drinking good bottles after 1 week. By the 2nd week and beyond, everyone loved it. It was my first ever brew too. I absolutely loved that beer. I’ll be making it again for sure!!

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