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NB Imperial Stout- What FG?

I got an OG of 1.091. Pitched 1 packet of S-04 (I know, a bit low), fermented very vigorously for 5 days, in fact, lost nearly 1/2 gallon through the blowoff hose. Four weeks later it has settled at 1.030. Is this about right for this brew?

Extract or all-grain? If AG, what were the mash parameters?

Extract. Fermented at 68F, let it go to 72F after fermentation completed.

I would say that it is probably done. Right now your at 67% apparent attenuation and with 12 Lbs of dark extract in that beer, I don’t think its going to get any lower.

Extract kit and got 1.077. I attribute this to spilling a small, small, portion of the concentrated wort ouside of the funnel and adding too much top off water.

Fermented through the airlock initially but after clean up appears to be stable at this point.

I made the extract this past spring. OG 1084, pitched two packs of S-04, kept it around 64 ambient, took it up to 74 ambient after a few weeks to clean up, ended up about 1026.

Bottled last weekend after 2 1/2 months in secondary. Brewed on 9/24/11. The FG was still stuck at 1.031, did not budge one bit. Tasted great. I’ll probably start drinking around the end of the month. Did not get the full 10%ABV, actual is 7.8%, but I’m sure there will be no complaints.

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