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NB Honey Kolsch

A friend asked me to brew this for them. I looked over the recipe and it seems a bit plain. Has anyone had a successful tweak/addition to the recipe?

The honey Kolsch is one of the best I’ve brewed. The only thing I changed was that I substituted agave for the honey. I think the key to the great result is the kolsch yeast (I used Wyeast 2565) and being patient. I fermented mine at 52-55 degrees ambient for 4 weeks. Racked it to secondary (I don’t normally do that) and held it at 36-38 degrees for 8 more weeks then bottled and didn’t crack the first bottle for 4 more weeks. I know that’s a long wait but it is great beer.

Why would you “tweak” something you have not tasted?

I like to see what info other brewers have to offer. I dont feel the need to just follow the recipe, just b/c i have not tasted it. Isnt that part of the joy of homebrewing?

I always ask the waitress if their steak is that bad that I need A-1 sauce to make it palatable. :wink:

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