NB gift cards

Anyone have problems using the NB gift cards when ordering online?

I had a problem a month back or so. The problem seemed to stem from the browser/OS I was using. When I tried using it at home (Windows 7, Chrome & Firefox, both updated) it would not work. I forget the error code I was receiving though. I then tried it at work the next day (Mac OS, Chrome browser) it worked like a charm. I contacted customer service and notified them of this issue, and they said if the issue persisted just give them a call and they can help over the phone. :cheers:

Hey Brews-R-Us, I’ll reach out to you separately to make certain your order issue is addressed.

For anyone else that reads this, DrShroom has it right. When in doubt, just give us a ring and we’ll get your order sorted over the phone. There’s a couple gift card issues here that we are in the process of fixing up. Until then, phone orders with gift cards work great.

Alternatively, you can place an order with the check payment method, and just reply to your email confirmation with your gift certificate numbers.

My apologies to anyone that has gotten frustrated with this while we’re fixing it.

Well Northern Brewer came through again. The problem was with the gift card numbers which they are working to resolve. My issue was dealt with quickly. NB’s customer service is first class.

Cheers, Paul