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NB Fixed Gear is it?

anyone brewed the Fixed Gear Red Ale extract kit?

if so, how was it?

last time I was in Milwaukee, I tried a bottle of the real stuff…awesome.

wondering how the kit is?


i got the AG kit on deck for this wkend. won’t have a tasting/answer for you for about 4 wks+. but, i’ll let you know sometime in the new yr.

Thanks Shaughn, keep me posted on how it ends up…

I brewed the all grain kit a while back and it is fantastic. It turned out looking more like an amber than a red, but I am more concerned with how it tastes than how it looks. I am not sure how it compares to the original, as I have never had it. I did send a sixer to my daughter in Milwaukee to do a side by side, but haven’t heard back from her yet.

We had my daughter’s wedding reception at Lakefront a couple years ago. A lot of fun, great people and lots of good beer!

Tapped mine this week. Color seems to be good, 1st taste is really close, but the bitterness on the back end is a little low. Might be a hop utilization issue for me but it should be easily adjustable in the next batch or I might of missed a dry hop addition as I have an unexplained package of hops in my fridge. I also brewed the Black IPA and that one is real close. Side note I live in Milwaukee so I’m using the same water as Lakefront.

Just kegged mine 4 days ago and I think it’s great! The hop bitterness for this is restrained, which is what I hoped and expected based on research. But the hop flavor and aroma are abundant, just a perfect beer. I have yet to make the same beer twice but now I’m tempted.

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