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NB EPA all grain kit

I brewed this up for my first all grain batch and everything went fine. I got it bottled up and I noticed that’s is very light in color. I bottle one bottle per batch in a clear bottle to monitor color, clarity, etc. This EPA is lighter than the Patersbier I brewed up in August. I was expecting this to be a little darker or copper colored. Does this sound right?

Sounds right to me. Every time I’ve brewed the AG recipe, it’s always lighter than the picture on the kit. I believe the picture is that of the extract version as I’ve done the extract in the past. I also think the AG version is too bland for me. Could be that the LME used for the extract contains some crystal/caramel malts. I typically add a little of those to give it a little more flavor and color.

They use Belgian caramel pils, which according to their site

has a lovibond of 6 so it isn’t going to have the color of an APA that uses crystal 40 or 60.

If that’s what I should expect, then I guess I’m a happy camper. Thanks for the replies!

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