NB Chocolate milk stout High final gravity?

I brewed the NB Chocolate milk stout Extract with Specialty grains, followed the instructions and got an original gravity of 1048, a little low(don’t know why). So it fermented well the first week with the Wyeast 1332 Northwest ale (i made a starter). After about a week and a half i racked it into the secondary. I stupidly did not check the gravity until i had it into the secondary. The gravity was 1026. Thats too high right? I figured I’d let it sit another week in the secondary and check it to see where it was at, well it’s still sitting at 1026. What should i do? Is this a problem?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

The 1 lb of lactose in the kit is not fermentable and will hold the gravity higher. I do not have my spreadsheet calculator with me so I cannot estimate how much of the gravity is being held up by the non fermenting sugar but that will be part of the higher gravity.

1 pound of lactose would be 6 or 7 gravity points per my recipe calculator…which would put you at roughly 1.019 if there was no lactose.


Are you taking the reading with a hydrometer or a refractometer?

If a hydrometer, have you checked it’s accuracy with distilled water at the appropriate temp?

If a refractometer, have use used a correction calculator?