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NB - Brunch Stout. To wait or not to wait?

Made the NB brunch stout, noticed when I was racking to bottles it had a strong alcohol smell to it but I bottled them anyway hoping and praying they would get better with time. Its been about 3 weeks since I bottled them and it still tastes terrible. Dump it??

If it is fusel alcohols that is causing the odor/taste they don’t really fade with time. Do you know what the cause of the alcohol odor or taste is? Did you ferment at higher than average temperature?

Per the directions it said bring temp down to 78 degrees then add the yeast so I most likely followed the instructions exactly as read.

78 is WAY too hot. that’s likely the cause of you fusel alcohol taste.

for ale yeast you want low to mid 60s. the recomended temp for the yeast in the kit is 59-72 degrees, and you always want to go on the low end. fermentation creates heat, so if you added the yeast at 78, fermentation was in the 80s

then down the drain it goes :frowning:

If you have the space and resources there is really no reason not to keep it around. Maybe use it for cooking? Age it for 6 months and see if maybe it tastes more palatable.


Give it some time, it might get better. Don’t let it discourage you, this happens to most people at least once. It’s a part of the learning process.

Plus it’s a great excuse to start brewing another batch :cheers:

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