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NB brews clone list?

is there a list that provides what beer an NB brew is similar to? I’ve come across Dead Ringer = Two Hearted and Caribou Slobber = Moose Drool but I have no idea what “Saison au Miel” is. Obviously, it’s a Saison but I’ve had Saison’s that were delicious and others that tasted like armpit (I’d hate to have 5 gallons of armpit). Just wondering

“au” is “with.” “Miel” is “Honey.” So it’s “Saison with Honey.” I expect it will taste like armpit and bug vomit.

In all seriousness, I normally just go off the description on the page, maybe search for the style a little bit on ratebeer or beer advocate.

To me “Saison Au Miel” sounds like a winner, but I’ve only ever hated one Saison, and that was my own fault, and a long, irrelevant story…

Leap of faith.

This is not a clone but I just brewed White House Honey Ale and everyone has absolutely loved it.


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