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NB Bourbon Barrel porter (extract)

So I just got the NB Bourbon Barrel Porter extract kit and plan to brew in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone brewed this and have any pointers to give? This will be only my second brew.

I plan to do the following:

  • Aerate by pouring into fermenter through a strainer then shaking it up a bit before pitching
  • Primary fermenter will be a 6gal plastic “Bubbler” carboy
  • Pitch yeast at low 60’s in temp using two packs of Danstar Windsor yeast
  • Maintain in the low 60’s with a “wet tshirt and fan” method during the entire fermentation
  • Soak oak chips in half a bottle of bourbon for 2 weeks
  • Rack to secondary after 2 weeks in primary and add bourbon and oak chips
  • Leave in secondary for 2 weeks
  • Bottle condition for a month or more.

Anyone see any issues with this?

My favorite beer of all time is Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout and I’m lucky enough to live in Cleveland and be able to enjoy this once a year (for $30 a 4-pack!) so hoping this comes close.

I’ve done this beer a few times (once extract and twice all grain) and your steps look good. Might suggest you want to let it sit in primary for 3 weeks, I’ve had a few bigger beers need that extra time when fermenting with temps on the low side of the yeast’s range. Also when in secondary start tasting it after a couple weeks and see if you’ve got the oak character you want to see if it should sit a bit longer.

I’ve done this kit once, and loved it! The only thing I would change is probably cut the amount of oak chips in half-but that is for my taste. The recommended amount of chips gave me a very pronounced oak taste–more than I wanted but still really good. I used Jack Daniels black label(had to, I’m from Tennessee).

Just be careful with priming sugar–I didn’t know better at the time and used the whole 5 ounces in the kit–big mistake. All overcarbed, had 1 bottle bomb, but still very good. Just refer to a good priming calculator.

This is a really deep, flavorful brew. You’ll love it. Best of luck,

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