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NB Black IPA Tweak or Little Bear Session CDA?

I brewed the Black IPA extract kit and absolutely loved it! It turned out fantastic. However, I would like to make a more sessionable version of it.

I harvested some wyeast 1272 from the Black IPA batch and would like to use it soon. Currently I am thinking of brewing Dawson’s Little Bear Session CDA … ssion-cda/ or brewing the Black IPA but a more sessionable version.

I see the Little Bear Session CDA recipe says to use 6lbs. of Gold Malt syrup, why would it not use Dark Malt Syrup? I know the specialty grains will produce the dark color but I was thinking of using Dark malt syrup instead of the recipes gold malt syrup. Thoughts?

If I brew the Black IPA extract recipe, I would like to copy the extract kit recipe but not add the corn sugar and 3.15lbs of dark malt syrup to have a more sessionable black ipa. Would this work or will leaving out the corn sugar and 3.15lbs of dark malt syrup alter the taste of the beer too much.

Sorry this probably should be in two separate threads; thanks!

For a more balanced beeer I would use all ingredients and just dilute to a larger volume once its fermented. Otehrwise you have high bitterness but not the malt to back it up.

I’d probably go with the CDA its designed to be balanced at the lower OG. They use the golden extract because 1) its more fermentable, and 2) you want the flavor of an IPA with the dark color and jut a little of the roastiness that one would expect from the color.

I made my first CDA a few mopnths ago and just blew the keg. It kept getting better and better and I really came to enjoy the style, its enough of a change in pace to be in a rotation with bitters and pale ales.

Thank you for your input, and advice! I appreciate the recommendation and will plan on brewing the CDA.

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