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NB Belgian Strong Golden Ale

I brewed this a month ago, had a couple hiccups along the way. I had the flame a little too hot and scorched a good part on the bottom of my brew kettle. I noticed after I saw black flakes coming up in the boil.

After cooling I tasted the wort and it didn’t have a burned or smokey taste. I tasted it during the first couple weeks of fermentation and it tasted fine. Today after a month in the primary I tried it again and I have a very smokey, almost rubbery taste in it.

I’ve never made this kit before so I don’t know whats it’s supposed to taste like. I know no Belgian golden ales I’ve had before has had this taste. Can anyone who has made this kit tell me how it tastes so I have something to compare it with?

I just transferred it to a secondary where I plan on letting it set for another month with some finings in it, we’ll see how it turn out although I’m not very hopeful.

Thanks, Mike


I would say the off flavors could very well be from scorching the wort in the kettle.

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