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NB Belgian Dubbel Secondary

All right to skip? This is my first lengthy brew, will six weeks in primary suffice?

After a few weeks I think I’d go to a secondary just to avoid oxidation if I were fermenting in a bucket. If you’re already fermenting in a carboy, you could leave it the six weeks.

Thanks. That’s what I was wanting hear. I do have it in a 6 gal carboy.

Just bottled tow weeks ago, great aging beer. Take your time with this one mine was in primary for ten days and secondary for three months… Can’t wait till its ready, I’ll post later with the results… Happy Brewing

I plan on this one being in the primary for 6 weeks then bottling. I’ll try to wait at least a month in the bottles before sampling. We’ll see how that goes. Let me know how yours turns out!

I did primary for 3 weeks, secondary for 9 weeks, and then in the bottle for 2 weeks. Came out great.

I am looking forward to brewing this beer before too long. Can’t wait. But I have a bottling question. I am doing my best, but I just haven’t saved up enough belgian 750 bottles. So when I bottle it, I’ll just have to use my regular ole former bells, founders, summit bottles, etc. How much can I carbonate a belgian in a normal bottle before it gets iffy?

I still use a secondary almost all the time even though I don’t really think it’s necessary anymore. That said, I only really do it to free up the primary so I can brew more. Either way you’ll be fine.

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