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NB Belgian Dubbel and secondary ferment question

I’m ordering NB’s Belgian Dubbel for my next batch, and I know that it is recommended to go with a 1-month secondary fermentation (per the docs, at least).

If I transfer a 5-gal batch to a 5-gal carboy - after primary has completed - do I need to concern myself about potential blow-off?

Or am I better off just leaving it “on the cake” in the plastic primary longer?

I’d leave it at least two weeks in the primary. Once all activity has stopped, you won’t need to worry about blow-off after transfer to secondary.

I did that one for my very first brew. Turned out awesome, but the key is patience and cool temps.

Ferment it at the low end of the yeasts temp range. It will take a little longer than if fermented at the higher range, but trust me, the wait is worth it.

Keep it in primary for 3-4 weeks. If you ferment it at the low end, it will take 14-20 days for full fermentation. Then give it another week for the yeast to “clean-up.” If you plan on a 3-4 week primary, at the low end of the temp range, your yeast will have plenty of time to ferment out completely.

Transfer to secondary (there will be no further fermentation) and keep it there for at least another 4 weeks. TBH, 6-8weeks will actually make it even better but that is a long time to wait.

Then bottle/keg and enjoy.

FWIW, I’ve not done this on subsequent batches, but rather rushed it in 4-6 weeks, and none of them turned out as well. Yes, it was beer, but not the quality Belgium Dubbel I wanted or was trying to make. It was more like a cheap American style, Belgium Dubbel-like beer. But I digress.

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