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NB All Grain Kits

I have a question for those of you who have experience brewing the kits. I am curious what the intended volumes are? Are they to end up with 5g post boil volume or 5g in the fermentor? Just want to hit the right ibu’s if possible.

Good question. My guess is that it’s the finished volume in the kettle, so if you don’t transfer all the break and stuff you’ll be short of 5 gallons in the fermenter. You might want to shoot an email to NB for clarification. If you do, post their reply.

Could vary it depending on your effeciency,
Say you wind up with 5 gal with 85-90%, you’re OG could come in 10 points high
In that scenario you’d be better off shooting for more post boil volume
If you’re trying to follow the recipe exactly. Me, I like more bang for my buck. :cheers:

They’re calculated for 5.25 gallons at 70% efficiency. Same with kits from MoreBeer.

They told me earlier today that they “think” they are intended to produce 5 gallons post-boil.

If you enter the ingredients into software like BeerSmith, the recipies work out to what I stated above.

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