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Naturally carbonated in keg?

Hello I have 3gal batch of beer that I am going to transferred to a keg. So here the problem with me being low on Co2 I am going to add prime sugar to the keg I just don’t know how much sugar to use for a 3gal batch of beer???

Not too bad a deal. I’ve done it before using this:

Happy brewing!

Other options…
I looked at the all grain kits… You can get 5 oz of priming sugar… Huh, that equates to 1 oz per gallon…
The Flars method… 1 Domino cube is good for one 12 oz bottle… 1 gallon equals 128 fluid oz… Multiply by your 3 gallons… 384 fluid oz total… yes? Now divide by 12, which is the domino dot ability to carb a 12 oz bottle… Yes? I get the number 32… Wow… 32 Domino dots to carb 3 gallons… OR
You believe your final gravity could be about 1.010… yes? Take a gravity reading… And if its approximately .006 points higher… Rack into your keg… Take what little bit of CO2 you have and blast it to seal the lid… Leave your keg in a warm area to finish fermenting… it will produce CO2… Give it about 3 weeks… chill and prepare for serving… In the mean while… procure more CO2… There are options out there for the looking… Sneezles61

I use about half of what I would use for bottling. We did this with the little 1L kegs frequently.


Keep in mind that you’ll need to use CO2 to seal the keg even if you use sugar to carb it

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