Naturally carbing sours in kegs, then counterpressure?

I’m planning on bottling some sours, and I want the flavor benefits refermentation in bottles gives, but I’d rather avoid the riddling/disgorgement step, and I don’t want the lees at the bottom of the bottle. Have any of you done the refermentation and aging in kegs, then counterpressure filled into champagne bottles? How did it turn out?

If by “refermentation” you mean just priming and carbing, then there’s no benefit from keg-conditioning versus force-carbing.

Right, but I was under the impression that Belgian sours evolve in the bottle due to autolysis and brett work. I was thinking of letting that happen in the keg so I could bottle it with minimal sediment. I guess there’s no reason for me to think that it would happen differently in a keg than it would in the carboy or a bottle.