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Natural gas burner/brewing in the basement

Hi. I’m looking for some advice on setting up my brewing area in my basement. I’ve got a perfect area with a natural gas connection standing by and ready. Is there a special burner that would be recommended, or should I just get one of the floor banjo burners and convert it to NG? Also, what kind of venting might I need? I’ve searched on the internet and have seen both that it’s not required to have NG vented and it may be required. Thanks for any advice.

You shouldn’t brew in your basement over an open flame due to incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide can pool up and slowly poison you. Open some windows to get some cross ventilation, or better yet, do it in the garage.

I’ve bought from these guys below and they’ve got great prices. Definitely going to get some real heat and humidity, brewing in the basement. I hope you’ve got adequate ventilation.

Top Food Service Burners ... burner.htm

A better prices on “jet” burners.

Agree with the humidity problem. You need ventilation to avoid excess humidity and CO. Have a CO alarm just in case. But don’t brew with out ventilation.

I brew with a friend indoors. In a 5’ by 30’ish room. 2 windows and an exhaust fan.

Interesting that Nighthawk’s source is cheaper on the 10 jet but then my source is dirt cheap on the larger ones. I paid $26.70

I also thought it was strange that the burners at Tops were less expensive for the larger units.

[quote=“Nighthawk”]I also thought it was strange that the burners at Tops were less expensive for the larger units.[/quote]Yea I don’t understand that. Must be a volume based thing.

I sent this to Nighthawk as a PM but thought it worthy to share:

I have a 10-tip 58,000 BTU and it boils 25 gallons no sweat. My brewpot is insulated which helps. I bought the 20-tip last year and it was so much hotter, I thought I would love it. The problem was, I did not have a large enough gas line run to supply it. To do it right, you should feed it with 3/4" black pipe for most of the way to the burner. Otherwise, it will burn a little dirty which I did not like. EDIT: I have 1/2" black pipe long run with elbows and then a 3/8" flex line and 3/8" copper feeding brew cart. Also I have a gas dryer before the brew cart.

Here is my 10-tip in action followed by the 20-tip video. I hope this helps.

20-tip jet burner

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