Natural Gas Brewing

About a year ago I bought a Blichmann floor standing burner with leg extensions and the NG conversion kit. I did a couple of propane -vs- NG experiments in my garage and was satisfied with the results. I should mention I also use a 1/2 BBL as a boiler and do all grain brewing in 5-gal batches.

I haven’t done too many brews with the new burner but I like brewing outside in the backyard so I can easily do other things and still watch the burner (unlike in the garage where I am somewhat isolated). Past two brews the wind picked up quite a bit right when I was ready to boil the wort. Even after trying to shield the pot/burner from the wind it still seems to affect the flame. I can get a rolling boil but takes forever to get there.

Any tricks of the trade to help out or should I just brew in the garage?



I don’t think dealing with the wind is unique to brewing with natural gas. Haven’t looked but I’m sure there are all sorts of clever solutions for wind screens if you poke around on forums and Google. Even for doing BBQ with a charcoal smoker wind can be an issue so look all over for a solution.

That said I brew in my garage with my natural gas burners because I don’t like having to deal with the elements (wind, rain, etc.)

I cut two pieces of 3/4 plywood (2’x4’) and attached the two pieces with two hinges to create a V shape wall and use that as a wind block. It folds flat for storage.

I just bought some cheap concrete blocks and I mahe a 2 block high square into which I place the burner