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Natural Extract in the bottle/Shelf life

I am considering purchasing a few bottles of different natural fruit extracts from NB so I can have a variety of flavors. I am not always a fruit beer fan, but my wife and female friend are. I recently purchased strawberry natural extract and found that putting 2ml in a pint glass and pour a wheat beer on top is working nicely. However it means bringing the extract and a syringe when I take beer to friends places.

What I am considering doing is filling the bottles, putting 2ml on top and capping. Will the flavor dispense through the bottle if placed on top? I was thinking to avoid putting it in first to avoid mixing flavors when filling, however it would probably not be to bad to give the spring filling rod a quick rinse.

Since I wouldn’t be using the entire bottle of extract at one time, does anyone have any idea what the shelf life on this stuff is?

Not sure about the shelf life. You might be successful contacting the manufacturer about that.

As far as when to add it… I would add it to the bottle and then fill. The bottling wand pushes beer out and you aren’t adding enough to set into the wand. A quick rinse would surely take care of this. This will also ensure that the two mix.

Not sure on the shelf life. I would think they would be fine for 6 month or longer, being that there is no sugar in them. I think they would be like vanilla extract.

You can add it after filling the bottles. A little shake after capping will disperse it fine.

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