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Natural Carbonation

Hello & Thanks in advance for any & all assistance.

I am trying to make non-alcoholic beverages that are naturally carbonated. When we were kids granpa made persimmon “beer” that was no or very low alcohol content. I know he brewed it the same way he did his beer but some how knew when to stop the process so it did not ferment.

I am wondering if he had worked out how much yeast to add to XX number of gallons so it would carbonate but not ferment. I have been told that to stop the fermentation process it has to be refrigerated after bottling but we did not have coolers when I was a kid. He kept it in a cool dark part of his work shop on a dirt floor and after about a week or two we could have a bottle on Sunday afternoons. I want to do this for my grandson so any help is really appreciated.


Less yeast will not work. They will reproduce and still finish eventually. Limiting the sugar or killing the yeast is the only way. Carbonation might make .5% of alcohol and that is not considered an alcoholic beverage here in Utah. You can kill the yeast with pasteurization. The British used to take a last running from the mash for a table beer. It was very low in alcohol but would probably still be considered an alcoholic beverage here in the USA.

I have looked into making NA beer for a friend that can no longer drink but loves IPA’s. from what I have read make the beer as you normally would than boil the alcohol out of the beer, cool and carb it. I Have not tried it because I cant bring myself to ruin a perfectly good beer. :smiley:

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