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Natural carbonate AND dry hop in keg?

Hello fellow beer-drinkers. I have an IPA I will be kegging very soon. I want to dry hop it in the keg at room temp in a hop bag using dental floss to hang it to the keg lid. I’ve read it might be better to dry hop at room temp than fridge temp. I plan on hanging the bag very near the top, this way I can just leave it in the keg, refrigerate and start drinking right away, thereby lowering the beer to under the hop bag to avoid any potential “grassy flavors” by dry hopping at cold temps.

Does this sound right? Also, I thought I might as well put some dextrose in the keg while it dry hops at room temp, so it also carbonates. Is this a good idea? And how much dextrose would be needed?

Thank you, answerers

Your dry hopping plans sounds good.

Remember to add 30+ psi to the keg to set the seal. May be an issue with having the dental floss going past the o-ring.

Seems that the normal amount of priming sugar can over carbonate the beer. Many post say to use 2/3 the normal amount. Why? theory is the combined head space of the bottles is greater than the head space of the keg.

I have done both with success. You definitely use less sugar. There are charts if you do a search

I use 1/2 the amount of sugar you’d normally use to bottle. Usually I’ll use about 1.8 oz or so, I find it easier to come in a bit low on carbonation than over shoot it and deal with that.

Right on, thanks all.

So I still want to purge the keg headspace O2 after racking? I think I’ll do the 1.8 oz dextrose idea, thanks. Do need to boil it in water first? If so, I will use the least amount of water the sugar will dissolve in.

Yes, still purge the head space and get the keg to seal tight. I boil my sugar in a bit of water but I’ve also been super lazy and just thrown it straight in and shook it up which also worked but isn’t best practice.

[quote=“Flip”]I’ve also been super lazy and just thrown it straight in and shook it up which also worked but isn’t best practice.[/quote]I’ve dry-primed hundreds of gallons of beer with no ill effects. If I was priming a keg, I would put the dry sugar in the bottom and then rack to mix.


Dry sugar’s already sanitary, right?

I think I will just toss in 1.8 oz dextrose to keg. How long should I leave it at room temp?

[quote=“bunderbunder”]Dry sugar’s already sanitary, right?[/quote]Yes.

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