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National Homebrew Conference in Seattle - Tickets?

Hello fellow NB folks, thought I’d post a quick note up here because of my past successes with the great community that resides here. Too many examples to list…

I have a hotel room reservation at the MAIN HOTEL for National Homebrewe Conference in Seattle, WA this year.**

** I was not able to get tickets to the attend the actual AHA event.

Details are in the **, eh? :wink:

So…I’m throwing this up on here to see if anyone might have a REVERSE situation. You have tickets, or a spare ticket, but need a room? Let’s help each other.

“Let me, help you.”

Cheers and beers,
Minister of Culture, Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters (MALT)
Asheville, NC

Bump! :slight_smile:

You might try posting this on the AHA forum, also.

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