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MyTC WiFi Temperature Controller

Hi all,

We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for our MyTC Wireless Temperature Controller. You can monitor temperature and control up to 4 refrigerators (or even 4 cooling units + 4 heaters) - each with a separate temperature profile. Its a really cool system! The MyTC temperature cube is portable, so you can take it with you anywhere to monitor temperature.

We are currently developing the app with a “brewers” page so that all of your brew data is stored in one, single location that links all of your temperature profiles from the mash to the boil to the fermentation. Access all of this with our web portal and share with friends.

Check out our video and support us on Kickstarter!! ;D

I love the geek factor. Slightly concerned about those WiFi plugs though. If they’re the same ones you sell on amazon, they’re rated at 10A. I don’t know if freezers have gotten more efficient, but when I was last shopping for a chest freezer all the ones I was looking at wanted outlets rated at 15A.

I suspect 15 is overly cautious, and once the compressor is actually running the steady state draw probably stays under 5. But still, specs are specs.

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