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Mystery Package

On Friday I received a mystery package of homebrew with no sender name or way of identifying the sender. Tracking number also turned up nothing. Just curious if anyone on the board wants to take claim to the package. Its much appreciated, but would like to know the sender so that I know who to thank and give a review to. If you would like to take claim to this “mystery package” please send me a PM identifying the contents.


you might want to do a chemical analysis of the beer, somebody might be trying to kill you :shock:

It wasn’t me but that’s pretty cool. You deserve it though, you give a ton of great advice on this forum!

Maybe, but I would like to have more faith in my fellow homebrewers than that. :wink:

Thanks. Sharing our personal experiences makes us all better brewers. There are a lot of great folks here and we all help each other.

So did you figure out where it came from yet?

Nope. But, I decided to give them a try and included was a couple of great Belgians.
Thanks! Whoever you are.

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