Mystery beer

Long story short(ish). Brewed 3 weeks ago with my new chugger pump. Had loads of issues and it was quite an experience. Not sure how, by only wound up with t
A little over 3.5 gallons in te fermenter. Have no idea where the loss was. Should have been a 7.2% IPA. Went to check the OG and found my hydrometer broken. So, I have no idea my abv. Didn’t measure my FG cause there was no point. Good layer of sediment at the bottom o the fermenter so there was good fermentation. Is there any way to measure abv without a OG reading?

Yes, if you measure FG using both a hydrometer and a refractometer, you can back calculate to OG by making use of the offset of the refractometer reading due to the presence of alcohol.

I guess my only concern is that it is safe to drink. I have no idea the alcohol content. Smells good and tastes good so I suppose it’s good.