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Hey All,

Just came up with this recipe for an Oktoberfest/Marzen. I realize that I am using an ale yeast but I am not so sure that I will be able to keep the temperatures low enough for the lager fermentation. Anyways, this is the first recipe that I have come up with completely on my own so any feedback would be great! Anyways, here is the recipe:

Extracts & Specialties:
3lb - Amber Dry Extract
3lb - Wheat Dry Extract
8oz - English Dry Crystal, 50 - 60L
8oz - Briess Caramel 90L
8oz - Belgian CaraMunich
4oz - Fawcett Pale Chocolate Malt

.5oz - German Herkules - 60min boil
.5oz - Hallertau - 15min boil
.5oz - Hallertau - 5min boil
.5oz - Tettnang - 5min boil
.5oz - Hallertau - dry hop for 7 days

German Ale/Kolsch Liquid Yeast

8oz - Maple Syrup - 15min boil
2tsp - Irish Moss - 15min boil
5.3oz - Brown Sugar - bottling

Well that’s it. I realize that may be quite a bit for an ofest. Just thought I would test it out and wanted some feedback before I go ahead and actually do it.

Thanks again!

Well, you asked…

If you want it to really be like an Ofest, lose the wheat, crystal, caramunich, chocolate, maple syrup and brown sugar. Get a Munich extract and use that for almost all of your fermentables. Don’t dry hop. If being close to an Ofest doesn’t really matter to you, keep it as it is.

Also, the yeast. :wink:

Kölsch yeast would be an unusual choice for a “mocktoberfest”. For that approach you’d want a neutral ale yeast that can ferment cool, like 1007 or Chico. Try to keep it under 60°F.

Thanks Denny. I appreciate the feedback. I am not really sure about staying true to the “Oktoberfest” style. That was my original intent but I think I strayed away a bit. Lol. When I started looking into the ingredients I kinda ended up wanting to do my own interpretation of th style. I wanted to really see how far I am straying or if it would be a reasonable interpretation of the style. Not sure if it is “great” interpretation of the style though so that’s why I asked for feedback. I love the hop aroma and there being some hop flavor to beers. I like maltiness yes, but I do want some hoppiness to the beer, which would end up straying from the beer being a “true oktoberfest.” I am also kinda struggling with the yeast decision. I noticed the one that I had written as part of the recipe can create some sulfur but it gets better with aging so I looked into some other strains. I am looking at the Wyeast 2633 Oktoberfest Blend as well as the Saflager w-34. I think the w-34 would be cool to use just because of the history with Weihenstephan and it may add a bit of neat twist. However, not sure I could really get the temps where I want it. Temps at home have lately been around the mid 60s inside. Would you have any advice on going forward with this recipe as far as yeast strains?

Also, the yeast. :wink:

Kölsch yeast would be an unusual choice for a “mocktoberfest”. For that approach you’d want a neutral ale yeast that can ferment cool, like 1007 or Chico. Try to keep it under 60°F.[/quote]

yeah i am still struggling a bit with the yeast decision. :neutral:

I’ll put it this way: Don’t use the word “Oktoberfest” when describing this beer. :wink:

I highly recommend WY1007 for any pseudo lager.

As to the ingredients…make sure y know why every ingredient is in there. Use your tatse imagination. If you can’t justify an ingredient, leave it out.

I know this isn’t what you asked, but here’s what I’d do for an extract mocktoberfest:

100% Munich LME, 1.055 OG (8.2 lb for a 5.5 gal batch)
5% CaraMunich if you absolutely must

Noble or “American noble” hop of choice at 60 min for 20 IBU
1 oz noble hop of choice at 15 min, since you want an American-style (i.e. Sam Adams) VMO.

Wyeast 1007, three packs or a larger-than-usual starter. Ferment at <60°F and cold condition as long as possible. (I laid down my Oktoberfest in April.)

Great advice, Sean…especially the “if you absolutely must”!

Thanks for all the input! Might I be better off using an ale yeast and just calling this a harvest ale seeing as I am unsure I can really get those fermenting temps? I am fairly limited on what I can do as I did just start up.

Dude, you’ve already named it: “MyFest” ale.


Dude, you’ve already named it: “MyFest” ale.

:cheers: [/quote]

Haha. Thanks

Great idea.

Great idea.[/quote]

Thanks Denny. :cheers:

I’ll put it this way: Don’t use the word “Oktoberfest” when describing this beer. :wink: [/quote]

Haha. Yeah I think that’s why Ill make sure to call it something different. Harvest Ale or something like that.

I recently fell in love with Weyermann “dark” Munich which runs about 10°L. I realize that this conversation is for an extract ale but my new Oktoberfest Lager recipe is just 50% pilsner and 50% Weyermann Dark Munich and about 7 AAU of a mixture of Tettnanger and Hersbrucker for 60 mins. Either 2308 or 2124 for the yeast. This creates an ultra-simple, straightforward lager that ends up a light amber color from the Munich. If the OP had the means to do it, a large tub filled with cold water and frozen water bottles might keep the temps low and then just get some pilsner extract and munich extract (as Denny suggested), the hops & yeast and go. I’ve said it before but a lot of that flavor that you get in a REAL Oktoberfest lager comes from the yeast. Cheers and good luck.

Brewed 1 week ago. As the temp has been raising around here, the wort was taking forever to cool. Even put in front of the fridge to attempt to chill it quicker. Wish I had a wort chiller. :mad: Anyways, it got to about 12:30 on a Thursday night so I pitched the yeast at about 80F. Seem to have no issues. The next day the air lock was going. So it should be fine. I think I added somethings to the recipe (pumpkin puree and vanilla extract). This one will stay in primary for 4 weeks and then transfer to carboy for an additional 2-4 depending on how I feel.

Transferred to carboy tonight. Took gravity reading and it rang in at 1.013. On top of that, when I tasted it it seemed that there was already some carbonation going on. Taste was pretty good. Fairly light on the body. Added more of the spices and vanilla as well as the hops into the carboy. This will sit for 1 week before I bottle. Wasn’t planning on it being ready this quickly! Can’t wait to see how this one will completely come out.

Even though the hydrometer says its near FG doesn’t mean that it is. The yeast are still cleaning up after themselves. I would have left it in primary for another 2 weeks.

From the calculations I had, the FG was supposed to be 1.017. If it were higher than that, I wouldn’t have transferred, but because it was already past that I did. i get what you are saying though. I was originally going to leave it in primary for 4 weeks and then transfer for another week. Oh well.

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