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My year in brewing

So I did 8 batches this year. My first after returning to home brewing from the 1990’s. Due to upcoming surgery I wont be able to get back to it until at least February or later. Started with an extract IPA and quickly moved to partial mash. Did several IPAs, a couple of stouts, and some lawn mower pale ale beer. I only had one bad brew that I must have forgot to add priming sugar to when I bottled. I drank the flat beer anyway. My goal next year is to move to all grain. All in all I had a good return to home brewing and can’t wait to get back to it. I guess while I am laid up recovering I will have to buy some new goodies so I am set when the doc says OK.



I have had a very similar year, Joe. I first started brewing in the late 90’s, brewed a couple of dozen or so batches, and moved on to other things. In August of this year my wife suggested I try again with her help. We’ve brewed some amazing beer this year, several stouts, an English Pale, WICKED pumpkin beer and cider. My last beer this year will be a Saison. It’s in the works now and will hopfully be ready to drink on New Year’s.
This half-year of brewing has been a blast. My wife and I have finally found something we can BOTH work on together. Congrats on your good year, and well wishes for many more! Good luck on the surgery, I hope it’s nothing severe.


I guess today makes 11 months of brewing for me. I started the day after Christmas last year with my first Mr. Beer. Brewed about 9 of those and a few hard ciders before getting a 5 gallon kit. I’ve done I think three 5 gal extracts and 4 partial mash 5 gal. Will probably do another extract ale before I do a partial mash lager before years end.
Next year? Maybe I’ll try brew in a bag all grain. I want to do some lagers while the basement floor is cold!

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