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My wife as a beer taster

My wife will taste all the beers I produce even though she doesn’t drink beer anymore. Usually she will take two sips and say, “That’s good”. Not to much information with only a that’s good. When she tasted my latest American amber ale, just a face and, “That is really bitter!”. Lot of information there because I thought it was bitter also. Opened what I called an amber pale ale yesterday. Gave her the glass to taste. The usual fist small sip, then a bit of a face. A second larger sip and then another. Gave me back less than half a glass. Comment, “That’s really smooth and aroma all over”.

Tasting interpretation:
That’s good = nothing wrong with it but not my style.
That’s bitter = yuck, I don’t want to taste it again.
That’s really smooth = that’s my style.


Your lucky my wife does not drink beer at all. My daughter. Yes. Indeed this is good. Or to strong. Like when you brew pumpkin or kamacitra again. So guess dad has to brew it for her

My wife doesn’t drink much beer either. I always offer her a sip when I’m trying one of my beers. And she always says, “Oh, that’s good.” Does she mean it or is just subtle encouragement to keep me home in the garage brewing instead of being at the golf course? :slight_smile:

Haha. My wife is an absolute teetotaler. The smell of alcohol makes her sick.(she grew up with an alcoholic dad and grandfather). Would love to have good feedback like this for my beer. My son lives two hours away but will give me good feedback when possible.



Haha yes. A good answer. Just to keep you home. Mine she does not like it when iam drinking on the street. But at home can drink my home brew all i want.

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I can tell by the face my wife makes. She also is not thrilled with really hoppy ones. Not good with real dark ones either. She drinks Miller Lite but the other night asked for one of my wheat beers I have on tap. One turned into a few.

A couple of times while we were out she has tasted a good craft beer and said “that tastes like one of your beers”. I take that as a compliment.

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