My weekend with Denny and Tasty

This past weekend, I experienced homebrew heaven. Our homebrew festival had 65 brewers, over 100 beers and ciders, raised thousands of dollars for charity, and we hosted Denny Conn and Tasty McDole who had a special Q&A with us the night before the festival. During the fest, Denny sold some copies of his new book and Tasty poured a keg of Janets Brown Ale. Shenanigans were had. Beer was shared. Good times. I can now say Denny and Tasty are my friends.

What was mostly on my mind this Easter Sunday while I decompressed from the weekend, was just how far the local homebrew community has come. 5 years ago there was no club, no LHBS, no homebrew fest, no nothing it was lame. 5 years ago with no club, had you told me I would own a LHBS now, I would have laughed at you. But no, somebody replied to me and said “Lets start a club” and we did. A local non-profit started a homebrew festival a year later and we as a club have had a symbiotic relationship with them ever since. They pull off the fest, we show up with beer. Its great. This year, I just took a shot in the dark and invited Denny and Tasty, among others. And they came. How friggin’ cool is that? It never hurts to reach out to people in the brewing community and say “hey, you wanna do something?” (heck, I invited Jamil and Vinny and I think I was turned down only because they had other stuff going on) In February, we had an AHA rally at a local brewery and brewed a 90 minute IPA and the proceeds from sales are getting donated to charity. My head spins sometimes about the things that come together.

I think I say all that to say this. If your local homebrew community sucks, get off your ass and do something about it. It is what YOU make of it-- what YOU want it to be. Reach out and engage people. Call up those brewers, pro and hobbyist, and see if they want to do something. You may be surprised how far you get. I just spent the weekend with two homebrewers that I admire simply because I invited them for a beer. I’m still kind of blown away by it. I “met” Denny on THIS forum, then officially last Friday. I took him to a brewery he has always liked but never been to. You know what I told him? None of that stuff I mentioned above would have happened without Denny giving me advice and encouragement here, on the NB forum, 10 years ago. And to see it come full circle and I get to give back to him, its extremely satisfying.

Get homebrewers together. Make something happen.

Cheers, brother!


None of that stuff I mentioned above would have happened without Denny giving me advice and encouragement here[/quote]

I also credit (blame?) Denny for the modest success I’ve had writing. I submitted my first piece to Zymurgy (“Brewing For Oldtimers” Jan/Feb 2014) at his suggestion.

Congratulations. Sounds like a great time.