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My tap rite co2 regulator?

Hello I think I am having problems with my co2 regulator. Well to start off I was Carbonated my keg of beer at 20psi for the 3 days an the problem was during the 3days it would keep creeping up about 3 to 5psi over the 20psi that I had it set too an it ever creep downward about 4 to 5 psi from the 20psi I had it at. An also now that I am serving my keg at 12psi an i see after I go to pour a glass the gauge goes down about 5psi an it does not slowly return back to 12psi that I have it set too. This is a new regulator to

Sounds like a bad regulator or guage. My 2 tap rites are 4 years old and have never had an issue.

Yes that what I am thinking too I going to use it on this keg an then buy a news one here the ? Do I go single gauge or double gauge co2 regulator?

How old is it? Did you buy it new? If so I’d contact the seller or Tap Rite and see if they’ll help you with it.

I Purchase it last year I think

Maybe the one way valve might be broken. If your psi creaps up. Take your reg apart. Replace the orings inside and maybe valve seat. You can find proberly. Schematics. Of this brand on line.

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