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My Take on an Irish Red Ale

This is my very first recipe that I have written any input would be greatly appreciated it’s an extract brew, convert as you wish for full grain (i would probably say 2 row at about 8-10 lbs)

8oz Caramel/Crystal 120L (120 SRM)
6oz Cara-Pils (2 SRM)
2oz Roasted Barley (300 SRM)
2oz Chocolate Malt (350 SRM)

6lbs Light Dry Extract (thinking though I might cut this to 5oz)

Columbus (Tomahawk) [14.00%] 60 min (bittering)
Cascade [5.50%] 15min
Crystal [3.5%] 5min

Pacman Yeast

fire away … im brewing this on saturday morning so any input would be great!

Thanks in advance

i would probably cut back on the dark malts to maybe 1 oz each.

that brought my SRM down to a 14.3 …

Drop the chocolate malt altogether, it will go brown not red. Replace the carapils with 4 to 6 ounces of special B.

I’d personally use a greater amount (to maintain SRM) of crystal 80 or 90 in lieu of the 120… the former will yield a more caramelly flavor with dried fruit notes; 120 leans more toward slightly burnt caramel and unpopped popcorn kernels. But either option will work.

Depending on your preference, you could add another ounce of roasted and reduce the caramel malts a bit.

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