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My starters rollin!

Just started a 2.2L starter Wyeast 1728 tonight. I wanted to brew tomorrow night, but am thinking I want to cold crash first. Thoughts?

  1. Cold crash after 24 hours and delay brew day by 24 hours (or more?)?
  2. cold crash after 18 hours, then decant after 6-7 hours and keep brew day schedule in tact?
  3. No cold crash-just dump the whole thing around 24 hours

This is a 1.090 OG scottish ale.

Thanks for the feedback

I can’t say if I’m right or wrong. I make my starters about a week in advance. Once I get it on the stir plate, it is on for 3 – 4 days depending on the work schedule. I cold crash the starter for 4 days. On brew day I decant off the beer then pitch the yeast. That’s a pretty big beer aren’t you doing a two stage starter? I’m not real schooled on big beers and starters for them. I just made a lager and YeastCalc had me making a two stage starter for it to get enough cells. I think the OG for that was 1.056
Lots of good people here that will get you going in the right direction

Well, My starter is really rockin’ now. There was a thin krausen at 12 hours (on stir plate), so I thought everything was going well, then an hour later it’s overflowing. been slowly overflowing for the past 4-5 hours. I have sanitized foil for the top. I guess 2 L in a 2 Liter flask is just too much. Lesson learned.

Hopefully I won’t need to worry about contamination? I plan to let it calm down a little (hopefully soon), then cover with some fresh foil and pitch it tonight (24 hours total)

I have lost about 75ml from the overflow. I don’t think that should be a concern?

I would not want to pitch 2l of warm fermented and probably oxidized beer into my 5 gallon batch of wort.

Like Bier brauer , I make starters a week in advance.

You might get more responses if you posted this in the yeast fermentation section.

Its recommended that you ferment for 48 hours Cause in that timeframe the growth phase while be done and after that you can coldcrash and decant. I usually coldcrash for another 48 hours so I have to plan 4 days ahead.

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