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My secondary is bubbling almost as much as my primary,

I transfered a batch of Caribou Slobber into the secondary yesterday, and it seems to be bubbling quite a bit. This is the first time I have seen the secondary this active. Ussually if it is active, it is just a bubble every now and then. I have a batch of Emma’s in the primary and the slobber is almost as active. Just hoping this is OK. will I have to transfere again, I could have sworn I didn’t rack a lot of yeast with it

If you had a nasty infection it could start up again. How does it look/smell?

Sounds to me like you racked too early and the fermentation wasn’t quite complete.

I hate asking questions I’m afraid to hear the answer to but here goes…

How long did you let it sit at primary?

Are you sure it was done fermenting when you racked it?

Did you take any gravity readings?

As I’m sure you’ll hear many times, there’s nothing you can do about it until you taste it. No sense pouring hard work down the drain until you get to see the finished product. Some of my best beers were the ones I thought were destined for the waste pipe!

I would just leave it alone until you’re ready to bottle/keg.

Personally, I rarely use a secondary. You will find that many people like to leave their beers on primary longer in hopes that the yeast cake will “clean up after itself.”

The primary was after a week. Nope didn’t take readings, seeing as it was a week I figured it was ok. My bad?, I’m sure. However , I brewed this Slobber before, Nothing in was different than the last time I brewed it, cept I didn’t take readings before the transfer. Guess we’ll see

Don’t sweat it…if you kept everything clean at transfer, it will be fine. I use secondary for every beer I make, just as I always have except for a few experiments skipping it (and decided I got better results by keeping it). It is normal to see activity after transferring. Sometimes it’s just ‘outgassing’ or it may be just that you picked up some yeast in the transfer, re-suspending some of it.

Most likely, it will be fine.

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