My Red IPA's OG was kind of low

I brewed my red IPA last night and when I transferred into the primary, I measured the gravity of it. According to the kit, the OG was supposed to be 1.071. Mine was 1.053. Is this a problem? And what could cause the differance? Thanks y’all!

Is this an extract recipe? If so, my first thought is wort stratification. You need to mix extract recipes well before measuring the gravity, otherwise the heavier components (i.e., the extract) will tend to sink to the bottom, leaving the lighter components (mostly water) on top.

Yes it’s an extract kit. I took the OG measurement right after I aerated the wort in the fermentator. And thanks!

Marty’s correct. If you added all the extract(and whatever other fermentables are in the kit) and the proper amount of water, you basically HAVE to be within a couple points of the kit’s predicted OG.